Kids Matter

"If we invest in this as a society we are going to get good outcomes with reduced patterns of depression and anxiety
and other mental health disorders in our population." - Associate Professor Helen Cahill Deputy Director Youth Research Centre and Associate Professor in Student Wellbeing

Kids Matter Primary is an Australian initiative that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of primary school children. It provides proven methods, tools and support to help schools, families and the wider community nurture happy balanced kids. Kids Matter schools begin with a two to three year journey to support students’ mental health and wellbeing.
There are four key areas core components that schools focus on.

  • Component one is about promoting a school community that’s positive and inclusive of all members.
  • Component two looks at the best ways of teaching social and emotional skills to all students.
  • Component three is about schools and families working together to support children.
  • Component four is about helping children with mental health difficulties.

It recognises that schools can’t do this work alone and that working with families, health and community agencies will lead to the best outcomes for children. At a Kids Matter school everyone’s included in making their school a better place. Each school forms their own action team made up of representatives of the whole school community. Together, they review school policies and practices across the four components.
Identify strengths and challenges in their school and plan strategies for improvement.

"We know that children in Australia, as in other parts of the world have a significant level of mental health problems.
Mental health problems or illnesses or disorders whichever we like to call them are common in the community." - Professor Beverly Raphael Psychological Medicine

To find out more information about KidsMatter, please visit the website


Moolap Primary school is currently organising many events to ensure your child is feeling connected and positive towards school life. More details to come.