Curiosity got the better of us and we needed to know why? Why Volcanoes erupt? Why some liquids float and others sink? So we spent the week making our best guess, (hypothesis). We made Gooey Slime, Volcanoes, Bubble Art and of course Science Week wouldn’t be complete without Bottle Rockets.

Wow your children came up with some wonderful ideas as to why things happen. I’m taking requests for next Terms Science Week already.

See you next week!

Emily Drakos, Team Leader


Extend Superstar is:  … Shae G for offering her ideas and engaging well in the Science activities.


What’s on next week?

Monday 26 June: Create your own Knight/ Hero

Tuesday 27 June: Build your castle/Forte

Wednesday 28 June: Invent a way to protect your castle

Thursday 29 June: Develop a Creature Mash up

Friday 30 June: Movie afternoon with healthy party food

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